Simmons Will Challenge Dodd

Former Republican Congressman Rob Simmons (CT) “announced that he will be challenging Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) in 2010, according to the Hartford Courant,” The Scorecard reports.

"The family had a long meeting today and was unanimous that I run,” Simmons said in an e-mail. "So, I’m running.”

Simmons, who represented southeastern Connecticut in the House from 2001-2007, was a leading moderate Republican voice during his Congressional tenure. He lost his re-election in 2006 to Rep. Joe Courtney by 83 votes.

Simmons, a decorated military veteran, worked as a CIA operations officer before running for office, and later was staff director on the Senate Intelligence Committee. He served on the Armed Services Committee in the House and led the fight to protect the Navy submarine base in his district from closing.

This decision to run “comes as Dodd has seen his popularity diminished over allegations of a special mortgage deal and scrutiny surrounding his tenure as chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.”

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