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Senate Adopts Fiscal Year 2011 Funding Measure

Senators have given final passage to a measure (Department of Defense and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act – H.R. 1473) that funds government programs for the remainder of this fiscal year by a vote of 81-19. A unanimous consent agreement required 60 votes for passage.

Prior to that action, members voted on two “correcting resolutions” to the budget measure. A unanimous consent agreement required 60 votes for either to pass.

According to the House Rules Committee, passage of one or both of these resolutions would have led the House Clerk to add such language as a “correction” to the final budget legislation.

The first resolution, H.Con.Res. 35, would have defunded the health reform law. It was defeated by a vote of 47-53.

The second, H.Con.Res. 36, would have banned funds for Planned Parenthood. It was defeated by a vote of 42-58.

The House having already passed this budget bill, it now goes to President Obama for his signature.


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Senate Schedules Budget Votes

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) was able to reach a unanimous consent agreement earlier tonight that locked in votes tomorrow on the budget measure (H.R. 1473) to fund the government for the remainder of this fiscal year.

According to The Hill, Senators “will also vote on two resolutions, one to ban federal funds for Planned Parenthood, another to defund the new healthcare law.”

All votes will be subject to a 60-vote threshold for passage. They will begin shortly after the House finishes their work on the funding measure, which Senators hope will be in the afternoon.

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Wyden May Oppose Budget Deal

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) says “he is inclined to vote against a budget deal to keep the government operating because it cuts a healthcare reform provision he authored last year,” The Hill reports.

The deal between President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) would ax a Wyden-sponsored provision allowing people to opt out of employer-provided healthcare plans to buy coverage from public-private insurance exchanges.

“I am not going to support this raw special interest power,” he told reporters Tuesday afternoon. “The president has known personally how strongly I feel about this.”

“Without this provision more than 300,000 people would be in healthcare no-man’s land,” he said.

Wyden said he “would wait to hear what White House officials and Democratic leaders have to say about the concession before making a final decision on how to vote.”

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Senate Passes 1099 Repeal

Senators have passed legislation (H.R. 4) to repeal the 1099 reporting provision by a vote of 87-12. Sixty votes were needed to adopt the measure.

The House has already passed this bill, so it now goes to President Obama.

According to The Hill, this 1099 provision requires businesses to file forms “with every business with which they buy at least $600 in goods and services each year.” It was included in the health reform law.

With repeal, members had to find a way to “make up for $22 billion in lost revenue as projected by the Joint Committee on Taxation.”

This legislation would pay for repeal by requiring “taxpayers who receive federal health insurance subsidies to pay back the IRS if they earn above 400 percent of the poverty line and are deemed ineligible.”

Some taxpayers could receive a subsidy even though they didn’t qualify because the data is self-reported and is based on a two-year window that could see their eligibility change significantly during that time.

Under current law, those receiving the subsidy are required to report going over the level that makes them ineligible for premium assistance, according to Republican staff.

Prior to passage of the repeal legislation, members defeated an amendment offered by Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) by a vote of 41-58. Sixty votes were needed to adopt his amendment.

It would have required “further study of the effects of the offset proposed by Republicans.”

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Senate to Vote on 1099 Repeal Next Week

The Senate “set up a vote for Tuesday on a bill that would make the first significant change to President Barack Obama’s signature health care overhaul law,” Roll Call reports.

Under an agreement reached Thursday, the Senate will vote on a House-passed bill that would repeal a tax-reporting requirement included in the health care law. The vote is scheduled to be held before the weekly caucus lunches.

The provision, which requires companies to file a 1099 form with the IRS every time they conduct $600 worth of business with a vendor, has been panned by Members of both parties, but a group of Senate Democrats have raised concerns over the bill’s method of offsetting revenue that would be lost if the provision is repealed.

A Republican aide told The Hill on Thursday night that the measure, H.R. 4, will “likely pass.”

If this House-passed bill “gains approval without being amended the bill goes to President Obama for his signature.”

There is one amendment to the bill being offered by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) that would require further study of the effects of the offset proposed by Republicans.

Under a unanimous consent agreement, the Menendez amendment would need 60 votes to pass.

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