McCain Fears Stalemate in Libya

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) “said the U.S. should increase its role in North Atlantic Treaty Organization air attacks against Libya and rebels there need more direct assistance in the fight against Muammar Qaddafi’s forces,” Bloomberg reports.

“I really fear a stalemate,” McCain said of the conflict, speaking on CNN television’s “State of the Union” program after he traveled Libya. Rebel fighters are “badly outgunned in armor, equipment and training” against Qaddafi loyalists, the Arizona Republican said.

McCain said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program that the U.S. should increase air attacks “but troops on the ground is out of the question” and would be counterproductive.

Removing Qaddafi’s television broadcast capabilities would be helpful because “when the Libyan people see Qaddafi on television it scares them,” McCain said.

McCain is Ranking Member on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

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