Conrad, Coburn Sense Urgency in Deficit Talks

The Democratic chairman “of the Senate Budget Committee says if members of President Barack Obama’s deficit panel fail to come to grips soon with the deficit problem, ‘we won’t be relevant to this discussion,’” the AP reports.

But North Dakota’s Kent Conrad declined in an appearance on NBC’s "Meet the Press" to say specifically where the six Democrats and Republicans stand in discussions on various debt-reduction strategies.

Appearing on the same show Sunday, Oklahoma Republican Sen. Jim Coburn said, "The country can’t afford for us not to have an agreement."

Neither Conrad nor Coburn would get into specifics about the panel’s discussions. Coburn did repeat his general opposition to tax increases. Conrad said he believes the American people would support tax reform as one way toward deficit reduction.


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One response to “Conrad, Coburn Sense Urgency in Deficit Talks

  1. ma baker

    That is not what was said by Conrad who seemed to be in accord with Coburn.

    Both emphasized that cutting spending was key.

    The discussion seems to ignore the 900 billion of payments to OPEC that could be saved in large part were we to implement the Pickens Plan for using natural gas to power the trucking and government fleets. The shift of 20% of natural gas production to transportation would displace 38% of our oil imports according to Pickens and that would cut the price of oil.

    The first thing Congress should do is act upon Pickens’ plan which would also creat hundreds of thousands of jobs.

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