Johanns Delivers Weekly GOP Address

Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE) delivered the weekly Republican address today. He said that with “debate in Washington focused on how best to address our nation’s growing debt, it’s important to remember the role it plays in our critical priority of job creation.”

“The current record-setting deficits – and the $14 trillion plus in accumulated national debt – are serious impediments to job creation because they have a ripple effect right to Main Street.

“Our job creators can’t thrive in an environment where creditors pull back because of our government’s debt, because without credit, small businesses can’t grow.

“Our debt threatens to devalue the dollar which will lead to increased costs and interest rates, which has a chilling effect on small business growth.”

He also said that job creation “in this country doesn’t start with government; it starts with our businesses, especially our small businesses.”

“Small businesses create between 60 and 80 percent of all new jobs, according to the Small Business Administration.”

Johanns discussed the impact of government regulations on small businesses.

“In the State of the Union Address in January, the President pledged to eliminate, and I’m quoting, ‘burdens that have stifled innovation and have had a chilling effect on growth and jobs,’ unquote.

“Since then, his Administration has proposed or enacted more than 250 regulations amounting to more than $24 billion dollars in regulatory costs. And again, that’s just since January.

“That’s $24 billion dollars needed by small businesses across the country to hire new employees and to grow their businesses – it should not be funneled out of the economy or your communities and re-routed back to Washington to the government.

“Washington is simply out of touch with the folks on Main Street trying to do their share to boost our economy.

“They hear us talk about job creation all the time, but they also bear witness to the constant contradictions.

“If everyone is serious about job creation, in addition to reducing the debt, let’s reduce burdensome regulations that serve no purpose other than to insert more government into the lives of citizens.”


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