Committee Republicans Want New Budget from President

Republicans “on the Senate Budget Committee are pushing President Obama to submit a revised fiscal 2012 budget by May 15, arguing the president’s recent speech on deficit reduction makes the previous one no longer applicable,” The Hill reports.

In a letter to Obama, the 11 GOP members of the Budget panel said Obama’s Wednesday speech “represents an apparent shift from your FY 2012 budget” and that the address lacked the necessary details to help move the fiscal debate forward.

“The Budget and Accounting Act is clear — the President is not exempt from the requirement to submit a formal budget request and, in light of your April 13th speech, the budget we have in hand today does not comport with your public statements about Administration policy,” the senators added.


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One response to “Committee Republicans Want New Budget from President

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    Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders …… $193,400
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