Rand Paul Considering Filibuster of Budget Deal?

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) “said Tuesday that he’s considering a filibuster of the budget agreement to fund the government for the remainder of this fiscal year,” The Hill reports.

Paul, who said yesterday that he would vote against the agreement reached last Friday to cut $39.9 billion between now and September, acknowledged that he’s considering waging a filibuster, which would make leaders get 60 votes to pass the deal, and advance it to President Obama’s desk.

"Yes, but we haven’t really made a final decision on that yet," Paul said on conservative talker Sean Hannity’s radio show.

Paul acknowledged that even if he were to filibuster, it’s unlikely that he’ll attract 40 other senators’ votes in order to sustain his procedural roadblock to the budget deal.



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2 responses to “Rand Paul Considering Filibuster of Budget Deal?

  1. Pat

    Rand Paul proves everytime he opens his mouth that he’s an idiot. He has absolutely no interest in having our government run smoothy. He’s a human monkey wrench. Guess he wants to put his boots on the throats of the citizens of this country much like his hired goon did during the election. Does he ever think about those in need or is he totally consumed by Rand Paul???

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