Graham, Paul and Lee to Introduce Social Security Reform

According to a media advisory sent out today, Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Rand Paul (R-KY) and Mike Lee (R-UT) will “introduce their plan for Social Security reform tomorrow.”

Update (4/13): Further details here.



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4 responses to “Graham, Paul and Lee to Introduce Social Security Reform

  1. Pam


  2. Tars

    Well, well, …. this sure kills another Republican takeover of anything for a few years. There are a hell a lot more of us than there are of them.

    The Tea Party Republicans need to be renamed the Hubris Party. the rest of the flag waving real Republicans would welcome their departure….

    The rich , GE and other big money A**H***s need to share the pain. they want the rest of the meager amount of money we little people may have to eat on.. The rich are getting a free ride and refuse to pay anything let alone their fair share. I resent it…

    Its class warfare ….. and most of the little people, us, don’t even realize we are in a war ..

  3. cindy beech

    Oh cmon tars….Attacking the wealthy by taxes will just lure them into doing business elsewhere,if u dont believe that u have rocks in your head. Obama is dead wrong on this issue(but of course the less jobs here the more the NON income earners votes he gets).
    Yah, raise taxes on the ones who CREATE real jobs(NOT GOVT. JOBS- coming out of my wallet!) ~ thats a smart idea in this economy. Why not just hold back some benefits…. a sacrafice that DOESNT cost JOBS!

  4. cindy beech

    PS the bill purposes a means test to receive SS and raising the age to 70 if your born in 1970 or younger. WHOOPI!

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