Rand Paul Won’t Support Budget Deal

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said today that he would “oppose the 2011 budget bill when it comes to a vote this week and urged his colleagues to do the same,” POLITICO reports.

“Most of us are small-government conservatives, who truly believe the size and scope of our federal government needs to be reversed. But being serious about this mission requires being honest with those who sent us; and it requires standing up when our leaders themselves abandoned their promises. …” Paul wrote in a letter to his Senate colleagues on Monday.

“This discussion is simply not credible or serious, and unfortunately, it has not been from the beginning, as the House leadership has made clear. … I prefer to be on the other side. The side of the people who sent us here to Washington to do something. To cut spending. To save our economy. To move toward a balanced budget.”

Paul “also opposed the one-week spending resolution that gave Congress more time to vote on the budget bill.”


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One response to “Rand Paul Won’t Support Budget Deal

  1. Pat

    Typical Kochbagger. He’s another one sucking the Koch Brother’s balls.

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