Work Continues on Budget Deal

President “Barack Obama and Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, will speak on Thursday to determine whether there should be another budget meeting between Obama and congressional leaders, a congressional source said on Wednesday,” Reuters reports.

Reid, House of Representatives leader John Boehner, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden failed to reach an agreement on spending in White House talks on Wednesday to avert a government shutdown, but said their staffs would continue to negotiate throughout the night.

Reid issued this statement after last night’s meeting:

“We had a productive conversation and made good progress toward an agreement. I am hopeful that we will be able to announce a compromise agreement soon.”


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One response to “Work Continues on Budget Deal

  1. tom beebe st louis

    I propose that every member of the Senate come up with a unique one billion cut in spending. Start with the Senator having the most seniority. Then following by seniority, each member finds another billion. That way each can cut things unimportant to him and to his constituency but we as a nation get the sort of cuts that will restore fiscal sanity. Each Senator would get credit for starting us on the road to that objective, but wouldn’t catch flack for cutting a constituent’s favorite program. And when you cut a hundred billion you’re talking real money, as Everett McKinley Dirckson once said.

    Write your senator!

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