McConnell Discusses Libya, President’s Speech

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) “on Monday said he expects President Obama to fully explain U.S. military operations in Libya tonight and warned that the use of U.S. air support for Libyan rebels would require congressional consideration,” The Hill reports.

"If U.S. military forces were to have responsibility for close air support or execute additional strike missions in support of opposition forces, then that of course would exceed the president’s definition of a limited, supporting role," McConnell said on the Senate floor. "Such a mission would last indefinitely, and would trigger congressional consideration of our larger role in the war."

McConnell said that Congress “and the American people are unclear on U.S. objectives in Libya, even though President Obama has twice notified Congress of the decision to work with coalition forces to establish a no-fly zone in that country.”

The confusion stems from the combination of the narrow mission that the U.S. military has described and comments from Obama that indicate support for regime change.

McConnell said he “would be listening to Obama’s remarks for answers to several questions.”

"When will the U.S. combat role in the operation end?" he asked. "Will America’s commitment end in days, not weeks, as the president promised? What will be the duration of the non-combat operation, and what will be the cost? What national security interest of the United States justified the risk of American life? What is the role of our country in Libya’s ongoing civil war?"


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One response to “McConnell Discusses Libya, President’s Speech

  1. Robert Schad

    Mitch McConnell is an arrogant pompus Deep South Republican who in my opinion does not deserve the respect that comes with his position in Congress. When a man chooses to oppose actions that are good and in the best interests of America, solely to stregthen his party and hurt the opposing, he has lost all credibility and the right to a professional opinion on anything. I am not talking solely on the issue of Lybia. I am talking about every step this administration has done to repair the damage to America over the prior decade of governing that left him a desparate and fiscally bankrupt nation. Obama needs some credit and he deserves it too. Stop the Deep South Evangelical, upper white class male domination mentality in the Republican party and do whats right for America not for yourselves.

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