Hawaii Senate: Case to Decide by Mid-April

Former Representative Ed Case (D-HI) told supporters today he intends to decide on a run for the Senate by mid-April.

First, of course, I’ve talked it through with Audrey and our family. I’ve also heard from so many friends and supporters and from many other folks, whether online or just on the sidewalk or at the store or carwash. I do deeply appreciate your thoughts and encouragement.

We also did a survey on possible primary and general elections through Merriman River Group (March 2011; 1,012 registered voters statewide; 3% margin of error). I retained very good overall name recognition and favorability, prevailed in the Democratic primary matchups (for example, Case 47%, Hannemann 35%, Unsure 18%), and did best among the Democrats in a general election against presumed Republican nominee Linda Lingle (Case 49%, Lingle 37%, Unsure 14%).


I’m not one for a long exploratory process. This is a decision that can and should be made soon, and we want to either go all-in or on with our life. I expect to decide by mid-April and, if it’s a go, to get going.


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