Kyl, Kirk Urge Support for Protesters in Syria

Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-AZ) “has called for the United States to condemn the Syrian government’s violent response to citizen demonstrations,” KTAR reports.

Kyl joined Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois, a fellow Republican, in a statement about Syria on Thursday.

"Last night, desperately attempting to turn back the democratic wave sweeping the Middle East, the Assad regime killed at least 37 Syrian citizens whose only crime was protesting against a repressive dictatorship and demanding basic human rights," the senators said.

"The Syrian people must know that the United States stands with them against the brutal Assad regime. We can ill afford another timid embrace of a democratic uprising.

"We urge the President, Secretary Clinton and Ambassador Ford to publicly condemn the murders committed by the Assad dictatorship and to demonstrate their support for the Syrian people. Ambassador Ford should begin a sustained campaign of outreach from the U.S. Embassy in Damascus to the Syrian opposition movement."


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