Lugar Does Not Understand U.S. Mission in Libya

CNN reports that the “ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday criticized the mission underway in Libya saying ‘there are no guidelines for success.’”

In an interview set to air Monday on CNN’s "John King, USA," Republican Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana said the operation has not been clearly defined.

"I do not understand the mission because as far as I can tell in the United States there is no mission and there are no guidelines for success," Lugar told CNN Chief National Correspondent John King. "That may well be true with our allies although conceivably they may have other missions in mind and simply try to get Security Council clearance to proceed."

Meanwhile, in a press release issued by Lugar’s office today, he called for “’full congressional debate on the objectives and costs’ of President Obama’s military actions in Libya.”

"There needs to be a plan about what happens after Gadhafi,” Lugar said. “Who will be in charge then, and who pays for this all. President Obama, so far, has only expressed vague hopes.”

“Congress has been squabbling for months over a budget to run the federal government for a fiscal year that is almost half over,” Lugar said. “We argue over where to cut $100,000 million here and there from programs many people like. So here comes an open-ended military action with no-end game envisioned.

With the Arab League already having second thoughts, and Turkey nixing NATO taking over, today there are even more questions. We also have to debate how all this effects the Saudis, Bahrain and Yemen."

“The facts are that our budget is stretched too far and our troops are stretched too far,” Lugar said. “The American people require a full understanding and accounting, through a full and open debate in Congress.”


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One response to “Lugar Does Not Understand U.S. Mission in Libya

  1. Sen Lugar is absolutely correct. This involvement is a huge mistake. Now unfortunately we are stuck, with American prestige involved. The President received, in my opinion, some very bad advice on Libya. I wish he’d listened to people like Lugar.

    I’d like to see the EU with its Common Security & Defense Policy handle the camaign instead of NATO which is dysfuntional and seen as an arm of the United States. CSDP has already deployd 27 missions from Africa to Asia. Their Naval Mission off Somalia is twice the size of NATOs and not long ago CSDP organized (with leadership by France) the dispatch of 3,800 troops to Chad in an efficient fighting force. The EU should take over Libya, the U.S. should wave good bye and hand over command.

    Sarwar Kashmeri
    Senior Fellow Atlantic Council

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