Durbin Expects Difficult Time Defending Agriculture Spending

Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) “told members of the Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) this week it will be very difficult to defend agriculture spending this year in light of the new drive to cut the federal budget,” The Hill reports.

The IFB put out a statement that said Durbin called it “impossible to defend what [we’re] paying out at this time in direct payments,” and that he called farm programs a “high-profile target for budget-conscious colleagues.”

Durbin said when it comes to considering cuts, he wants “everything on the table, not just farm programs, but everything,” according to the IFB. This fits in with Democratic complaints that Republicans have been trying to cut $100 billion only from discretionary non-security spending, and is not looking at a broader group of programs for cuts.


“After meeting with Sen. Durbin, it was pretty evident direct payments are going to be hard to defend going forward,” the IFB said.


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One response to “Durbin Expects Difficult Time Defending Agriculture Spending

  1. Pat

    Check out the members of both houses of Congress i.e., Michele Bachmann and her family rape the government of over $250,000 in farm welfare each year. Chuck Grassley gets his farm welfare. Bet there’s millions of dollars of farm welfare going to members of Congress. And that Senator Durbin is the reason you can’t change it — they want their farm welfare just like all the corporate welfare these dudes get. Hope you try to wean these members of congress off the tits of farm welfare.

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