Inouye Concerned about Impact of Further Cuts

The chairman of the “Senate Appropriations Committee warned his colleagues that further cuts to government spending would damage government operations and harm the economy,” The Hill reports.

"How much more spending can we really afford to cut before we are required to lay off food inspectors in meat plants?" asked Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) in a floor speech Thursday. "How much more before we have no funds to pay employees who monitor our borders and important ports? How much more before we have to cancel the construction of dams and bridges and highways and throw thousands of private-sector workers on the street?

Inouye said laid-off private and public sector workers would end up costing the government billions of dollars in unemployment payouts and unpaid taxes.


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One response to “Inouye Concerned about Impact of Further Cuts

  1. Pat

    Senator Inoyue — I applaud your concern, however, as far as the republicans are concerned as long as there’s one more corporation and one more wealthy billionaire — these cuts will continue. The republicans are more concerned with billionaires than they care about the United States of America or our economy. The republicans kiss the Koch Brothers asses and to everything their corporate sponsors order them to do. Case in point, Scott Palin Brown, sucked one of the Koch Brother’s ass just last week at a dedication of a Koch Cancer Center at MIT in Cambridge — watch the tape.

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