Hatch Will Oppose Three-Week Spending Measure

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) announced in a press release today that he will oppose the “three-week spending measure that the Senate will consider this week.”

“The White House and its Washington allies are living in denial about the extent of our debt crisis and the damage it is causing to our nation.  At every turn they try to defend a failed status quo of more spending, more taxing and more debt in order to grow government to unprecedented levels.  Enough is enough.  We need a long-term plan to force our government to live within its means, just like Utah families do.

“Two weeks ago, I voted against a short-term funding bill, because it did not do enough to cut run-away spending that has fueled our over $14 trillion debt.  I will oppose this next bill, not only because we need to cut more, but also because we need to take a more holistic and transparent approach to confronting our debt.  Short-term measures to fund the government are not how Congress should be operating – and is not how spending should be brought down.  Let’s bring a long-term bill to the floor, and allow a fair and open debate to consider the many ways to dramatically cut spending to restore the constitutional limits on the power of government and to put our nation on the sound fiscal footing necessary for economic growth and job creation.”

Hatch opposed the funding bill that the government is currently running on, which expires on Friday.


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