Alexander Not Ready to Abandon Nuclear Power

Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) “on Monday said the U.S. should not abandon the use of nuclear power in the wake of the tragedy in Japan, and said instead that the U.S. should incorporate the safety lessons learned in Japan into its own reactors,” The Hill reports.

“While the risk is by no means over and the events in Japan continue to evolve, the reactor safety systems so far appear to have done their job in withstanding the earthquake, tsunami, power loss, and explosions — and none of the reactor containment structures seem to have been breached in these worst-case conditions,” Alexander said in remarks on the Senate floor. “The lesson that America can take away is this: learn all we can from this Japanese experience to make the operation of American reactors as safe as possible.”

Alexander added [that] nuclear power is a component of modern life that poses risks to be managed. “The 1.6 million of us who fly daily would not stop flying after a tragic airplane crash,” he said, noting similar dangers associated with highway travel and energy exploration. “In all these cases we do our best to examine the tragedies and make our continued operation as safe as possible.”


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