Murkowski Discusses Energy Policy in Weekly Address

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Ranking Member on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, delivered the weekly Republican address today.


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One response to “Murkowski Discusses Energy Policy in Weekly Address

  1. TheFooshShow

    One of the few reasonable Republicans still in office, but she’s still wrong. Spells out the dilemma well enough, but offers yet another short-sighted solution. Murkowski fails to understand that oil dependence is anathema to security, regardless where the oil comes from. Her “plan” is to kick the can down the road again.

    Clearly there must be a transition, and progressives and ecologists will be frustrated by the steps involved, but without highly responsible forward-thinking government regulation the industry who brought us walruses in the Gulf will never develop alternative sources.

    We will have to drill more oil from the Gulf and Alaska. We must never turn our backs on the greasy, oily sociopaths who’s negligence and greed enabled the loss of life on the Deep Water Horizon and destruction of the Gulf. We must never again issue license to rape and pillage our Mother Earth in the name of oil dependancy.

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