McConnell Says Gadhafi Leaving Not Vital

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) “said Sunday that the U.S. should help rebels in Libya, even if Moammar Gadhafi’s ouster isn’t particularly crucial to U.S. interests,” The Hill reports.

"I’m not sure it’s in our vital interests for him to go," McConnell said on CBS’ "Face the Nation," but he advocated being "helpful" to those fighting for the dictator’s overthrow "short of sending in our own military personnel."


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One response to “McConnell Says Gadhafi Leaving Not Vital

  1. Pat

    Hey — McConnell — only reason you’re saying this is simple. President Obama said Gadhafi must go. I swear if President Obama said the sky was blue you Kochbaggers would say no it’s not. In the words of Keith Olbermann — Mr. McConnell is an idiot.

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