McConnell Says President Not Serious about Deficit

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) “says he doesn’t think President Barack Obama is serious about dealing with government spending and the deficit,” the AP reports.

McConnell says Obama and others at the White House have talked a lot about it, but are showing no willingness to do anything that’s difficult.

The Kentucky Republican offers Social Security as an example, saying that the administration is in denial about the problems facing Social Security.

McConnell says having divided government actually presents an opportunity for doing "big things" in regard to the nation’s financial problems. He says he hopes Obama and Democrats can come together with Republicans on spending issues, but he isn’t optimistic it will happen.

He appeared on CBS’ "Face the Nation."


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One response to “McConnell Says President Not Serious about Deficit

  1. Pat

    McConnell — you lost any credibility about your seriousness about lowering the deficit when you fought to continue to give the top 2% wealthy in our country tax cuts. You damm well know that has been the biggest contributor to our deficit (that and the two Bush/Cheney wars.) That and the corporate tax breaks you love to give. Can you believe with the corporate tax breaks the United States taxpayer actually paid EXXON MOBIL??? Mr. McConnell — take out your wallet and count the money you have in it — the amount is more than what EXXON MOBIL paid in taxes to the United States of America. Go after these dipshits and the wealthy and leave Social Security alone. Further, why don’t you contribute to lowering the deficit — refuse your salary and all benefits that are paid for by the United States Taxpayer — bet you won’t.

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