Sherrod Brown Apologizes for Comments

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), under “heat for invoking Adolf Hitler in talking about anti-union movements in his home state and Wisconsin, has apologized for making the comparison on the Senate floor,” POLITICO reports.

“I am passionate about fighting for the middle class. Ohio’s teachers and nurses and police and firefighters are facing the loss of their collective bargaining rights, and I think that’s wrong,” Brown said. “But in speaking about this, I should not have mentioned the hostility of tyrants, like Hitler, to unions. I don’t want my mistake to distract from the critical debate in Ohio, and I apologize for it.”

Here’s what Brown said Thursday: “I look back at history and some of the worst governments we’ve ever had, you know one of the first things they do? They went after the unions. Hitler didn’t want unions, Stalin didn’t want unions. Mubarak didn’t want unions,” said Brown on the Senate floor Thursday.



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7 responses to “Sherrod Brown Apologizes for Comments

  1. Pat

    What Senator Sherrod Brown did was to give a history lesson. Everything he said is true. I’m not sure I understand why or the need for him to apologize for retelling history. I suspect many union busters were uncomfortable — GOOD.

  2. Mary

    Brown needs to research what unions stand for. Communist used them to bring about socialist cause.
    At the beginning they stood for something. I have heard a lot about the inside dealings of the Unions from those who had belonged to them.
    Unions are not going to solve today’s problems, the only way to solve the problems today is returning to God for all things, stop spending, stop all programs in schools that are not essential to their education. Many kids graduate from school and don’t know how to read only because they were promoted for sports or other non-essential programs. Get back to educating and stop teaching a specific line of learning which will get kids to pass a test that will bring in more money.

  3. spoutinghorn

    Such classic projection from the Left. They always accuse their opponents of doing exactly what they do. Use Hitler comparisons (Brown), call for bloody streets(Capuano), threatening to kill your fellow legislators (Hintz).

  4. spoutinghorn

    Oh, and the Nazi’s had their union too, Senator:

  5. fredamae

    Excuse Me? Sen Brown was pointing to similarities between hitler’s reign and the Direction Some want to take us today.
    Sen Brown Does NOT Need to Apologize for speaking the Truth!
    Thank you Sen Brown. You need not worry about the attempts to make these words out to be and insult nor socially unacceptable as if you were alleging “False Comparatives”.
    Sometimes the Truth Hurts as It Confronts The Lies!
    Thats how “they” “Suppress Reality and Grow the Seeds of Denial”. They hit the “guilty” button. It’s just a “tactic” that has worked so far. They Have to Poison the message to keep their actions veiled to the public eye.
    Sen Brown, Please Don’t Stop Speaking The Truth Now!
    This issue has been the “elephant in the room” for some time now and I am Glad it is becoming part of the conversation.

  6. John O'Brien

    Then let us speak the full truth.

    “The process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service.” — Franklin Roosevelt, 1937

  7. Senator Sherrod’s apology rings hollow,in light of what I read this morning in the San Jose Mercury News written by someone signing herself as Louise Wightman — “Remember this: One of the first things Hitler did in his efforts to take over complete control of Germany was to ban all unions”.
    This linkage of reining in public sector unions and Nazi German can be concluded to be, based on the evidence, an OFFICIAL DEMOCRATIC TALKING POINT?
    I’m offended and I am sure the ghosts of my matryed grandparents, aunts and uncles — who died at Auschwitz — are as well — .

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