Senate Passes Two-Week Funding Measure

Senators have passed a continuing resolution (H. J. RES. 44) to keep the government funded through March 18 by a vote of 91-9. The bill now goes to the President for his signature.

According to the AP, this legislation contains “$4 billion in cuts” that are “not particularly controversial.”

About $2.7 billion was ticketed for earmarked projects, and the balance for education and other programs that Obama had proposed terminating or reducing next year.

Update: President Obama has signed this legislation into law.


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One response to “Senate Passes Two-Week Funding Measure

  1. OK with our problems around the world how can we vote. Problems are vast. I know we need to bring our boys home from Afghanistan. Leave a few battalions. If we are not in Pakistan whats up. Say we won move to the Middle East Keep our ships parked in Israel, Egypt . We must watch our interest in the region. Today we are in a Nuclear war in Japan. Because there Country is itself looking at a Meltdown. All Countries need to help. It could be them. Tokyo has low level radiation.

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