Lee May Oppose Temporary House Spending Measure

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) is “‘prepared to oppose’ the two week federal funding resolution expected to emerge from the House later today, absent any ‘new structural measures to control spending,’ according to a spokesman,” Townhall reports.

The Tea Party-backed Senator "wants to see the final [House] legislation first, but is reluctant to support anything that basically pushes forward with current spending levels," said Lee’s Communications Director, Brian Phillips.  Lee believes $4 Billion in proposed spending cuts over a two week period represents an inadequate response to a systemic spending problem.  "What the Senator is specifically saying is that if we’re only going to cut $4 Billion, while continuing to fund everything else at current levels, we need to couple that vote with some meaningful acknowledgment that structural controls on spending are necessary," Phillips said — citing a balanced budget amendment as an example of the sort "structural control" Sen. Lee is eager to see implemented.

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