Indiana Senate: Coats Won’t Endorse Lugar

According to a statement received by Guy Benson of Townhall, Senator Dan Coats (R-IN) will not endorse Senator Dick Lugar (R-IN), or any other candidate, in the Republican primary race.

WaPo’s Chris Cillizza pointed out that key statewide Republicans Rep. Mike Pence and Gov. Mitch Daniels have pledged to sit out the primary rather than endorse the incumbent.  I contacted the office of Lugar’s Hoosier State colleague, Republican Dan Coats, to see if the newly (re)-elected member plans to lend his support to the man with whom he currently serves in the US Senate.  No dice.  Via Coats’ press secretary, Matt Lahr:

"Senator Coats has taken the position of not endorsing primary candidates and is leaving that decision to the voters of Indiana."


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