Scott Brown Downplays Tea Party Affiliation

Though his win last year “was heralded as an early victory for the tea party, Sen. Scott Brown said Tuesday that he doesn’t think of himself as part of the movement,” POLITICO reports.

“I’m a Republican, period,” the Massachusetts senator said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “I have respect for the tea party. I’m a fiscal conservative – I always have been. When you talk about national security, I’m a hawk, probably more than anybody that I know in Massachusetts.”

On other issues, however, Brown said, “I’m not a social crusader. I’m going to keep an open mind on each and every issue.”

Here’s a similar quote to USA TODAY:

Is he a Tea Partier?

"No, I’m a Republican from Massachusetts," Brown said in an interview with USA TODAY about his new book, Against All Odds: My Life of Hardship, Fast Breaks, and Second Chances.

He calls himself "a Scott Brown Republican" — focused on jobs, the economy and national defense, and a fiscal hawk.



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2 responses to “Scott Brown Downplays Tea Party Affiliation

  1. Pat

    First and foremost Scott Brown is all about Scott Brown. I call him Scott Palin since he can’t formulate a complete sentence. He is only interested in one thing himself and selling his book. I understand his silence (when he was a child) on the alleged sexual abuse he suffered as a child, but as an adult to remain silent and not name his abuser is disgraceful. Why didn’t he come forward when he was adult to protect the children attending that same summer camp? That really shouldn’t surprise me or anyone else, he endorsed the republican candidate, Jeff Perry, for the 10th congressional district here in Massachusetts. Jeff Perry, as a Wareham, Massachusetts supervising police officer remainded silent (claiming he didn’t know anything was going on) while a police officer (later convicted) stripped searched a 13 year old child (who later came forward to report that she screamed so loud Jeff Perry had to hear her.) Scott Palin endorsed this candidate. How could anyone who had suffered any sort of sexual abuse as a child stand by someone who was tainted by a sexual abuse scandal. Again, I say Scott Palin is all about himself.

  2. This is no surprise.

    Until liberals, progressives, unions, Democratic candidates, MSNBC and the main stream media stop their blatant misrepresentation and outright demonization of Tea Party activists, GOP politicians, especially from historically “Blue” states like Massachusetts, will continue to distance themselves. It’s unfortunate, but it is also reality…for now.

    Many people like myself are working to re-frame the debate and change perceptions so politicians will see no “down side” to rejecting false premises and publicly embracing the common sense principals of Tea Party groups. This will take time, but even in Massachusetts, we’re moving in the right direction.

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