Schumer, Graham Discuss Government Shutdown

A top “Senate Democrat warned Sunday that Congress is on course for an inevitable government shutdown,” The Hill reports.

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Democrats won’t accept the steep spending cuts proposed by House Republicans through September. Furthermore, Senate Democrats will resist the GOP’s insistence that even a short-term budget fix must include significant cuts – an ultimatum articulated last week by Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

Schumer said the Democrats "already agreed" to steep cuts in December, and are ready to fight to keep spending at least at current levels. 

"Unfortunately, Speaker Boehner seems to be on a course that would inevitably lead to a shutdown," Schumer said Sunday morning on CNN’s "State of the Union." "That’s reckless … and I hope he’d reconsider."

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) “said he hopes there will be a resolution that averts a shutdown, but noted that House Republicans were just following through on their campaign promises.”

"The only way we’ll shut the government down is if our Democratic colleagues insist on keeping the government large and unsustainable," Graham said on NBC, adding that he won’t support a temporary CR unless it includes some spending cuts.



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2 responses to “Schumer, Graham Discuss Government Shutdown

  1. Mic

    Do we all forget the pork that was added to the spending bill last February? Do we forget all the stimulus and bailouts? The Dems have been spending like there is no tomorrow and well, tomorrow is here. Close the checkbook and how about you guys execute some tough love and do your jobs….. Make America strong again and get away from the “Nannie State”.

  2. David William Smith

    IM Mad. Im’ Upset. I don’t know’ So many things going on with our government that as I disabled person, I had made a few comments on other sites and I don”t know how and where you were able to obtain my email address and what was that all about . Yes Im disabled and I get a Social Security chheck to keep living and would rather die than lose my home and have to live in the treets . With this Government shut down I find myself just sitting here in worry as no news of getting or not getting my social security check next month or months to come and the Media Isn’t even talking . If you are of some organization to lobby or help in some way)s) for People like me that includes the elderly and all the Black mailing going on. Through my Father I had met many very wealthy women that got their Social Security Checks that wouldn’t have even noticed if it had been automaticly deposited into their accounts. I don’t know why the cuts can’t start there Just like my V.A. Medical, For met to keep getting that, I have to be poor enough to get it and by only having Social Security alone . My low income would be low enough for 3 people. Is the government going to Shut down? Is it going to be on the $th of March instead of the 3rd, because if it shuts down the 3rd I my not get paid to live and if it’s the 4th than I have another month to worry about April , and if I will get my Social Security payment then? I need answers and no ones talking, Not Even The Media . Can’t believe the media . But I do know that I have heard a leak here and there talking about military things that I am still bound to not talk about, I would hear the leak on a story and that would be only one time that it was reprted with the leak in it but it would still be reported but a big HUSH would be placed on what I knew was secret, so I would hear the edited out version of the report So I know that government is in control of our free press. You could probably give a Damn about any of that But I one extremly worried American Now wondering if I will lose my home and go back to the streets as I was before I was approved for Disability from My Social Security, Which has nothing that feels secure at all now. Isn’t it strange that shortly after the Republican regain House control that we are heading back to the 1995 Government shutdown. Americans are stupid by voting back in the same people that started this mess in the first place? Let me know iff this was any help and what you are in the first place Thanks David W. Smith

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