Graham Calls President’s 2012 Budget ‘Timid’

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) “attacked President Barack Obama’s leadership on the budget for 2012, calling it a ‘timid’ document that puts the country on a path to bankruptcy,” POLITICO reports.

“It’s a politically timid budget. It’s a fiscally timid budget,” Graham told moderator David Gregory on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” adding that it allows the debt to double in four years. “It’s just not the document we need to keep from becoming Greece.”



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3 responses to “Graham Calls President’s 2012 Budget ‘Timid’

  1. David William Smith

    In The Name Of Humanity, Tell us, help us, Do what it take to get all on Social Security to get their checks or deposits next month. Some People (mostly elderly could actuly Die because of arguments on the hill . We are the Pee-Ons to them

  2. TIMID RESPONCE NEED TO CUT SOMETHING? I know where to find them . Stop paying people that get social Security that are so filthy rich , that they wouldnt even notice that it wasn’t deposited into their accounts whioce in most cases be one of many accounts . LET THEM DO A MEANS TEST LIKE I HAVE TO DO EVERY YEAR TO KEEP GETTING HEALTH CARE WITH THE V.A. Why would they care if they wouldn’t even notice it if they wern’t told , but by knowing it they all are so greedy that they would want what they don’t need . Sock It To The Filthy rich greedy people that don’t need it and wouldn’t even notce it missing . ME >??? I WOULD DIE Thats how much I would notice it gone. D SMITH

  3. David William Smith

    David William Smith
    February 25, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. Social Security has over a two trillion surplus as it stands today and the Republicans want to tap into that money that has been solvent for 75 years. So keep your Damned republican fingers out of the Social Security and let it keep its soventcy just as it has been for the last 75 years. You want to cut Billions upon Billions, Were paying over 70 billion dollars a year to keep non violent offender in prison , So start cutting on prisons. There is no reason That The United States Has More People In Prisons Than any other nation in the whole world. I talking about non-violent offenders of the law . You want to tap in to Social Security That You well know will help keep non-violent offender of law in prisons . We are the Prison Capitol Of The World , But no matter where you want to cut or tapp into anything, Leave Our Social Security Solvent , and I could thing of any place better to start cutting in the prisons and building more while your at it and Veterans have been needing a good Surgical Hospital in Casper Wyoming, But You would rather build more prisons rather than Hospitals and not to mention that our great nation of prisons spends 95% more on jails and prisons than they do for schools. I can’t’ be proud of THIS America

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