Senate Democrats Introduce ‘Winning the Future’ Agenda

Seeking to counter “House Republicans’ bold plans for budget cuts, Senate Democrats on Wednesday laid out a five-page ‘Winning the Future’ agenda that called for a spending freeze alongside a host of proposals for expanded tax cuts they say will boost job growth,” Roll Call reports.

Democrats argued that their new investments in education, energy and highways coupled with an overall spending freeze is preferable to deep cuts across the government proposed by Republicans.

“The House Republican approach is to cut everything,” Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said.

“The budget in the House is a road map to disaster,” said Senate Democratic Conference Vice Chairman Charles Schumer (N.Y.). “We are being responsible; they are being reckless.”

Some items listed:

The 20-item list includes finally passing a long-delayed highway bill, protecting stimulus investments in building a smart grid and clean energy from Republican cuts, creating a “Clean Energy Deployment Administration,” and making the research and development tax credit permanent. Other items include  perennials such as patent reform, tax reform and a rewrite of the No Child Left Behind law.


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  1. Senate jr.

    While cutting cost both parties need to be responsible. They must ensure that the future is included in the budget. Politics should not come into play when generations will be affected by their decisions.

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