Nevada Senate: Heller Poll Shows Him Beating Ensign

Representative Dean Heller (R-NV) “holds a 15-point edge over embattled Sen. John Ensign in a hypothetical 2012 GOP primary matchup, according to a poll conducted for the congressman’s campaign late last month,” the Washington Post reports.

Heller takes 53 percent to Ensign’s 38 percent in the survey, which was conducted by well-regarded GOP pollster Dave Sackett from Jan. 18-20.


Even in a crowded Republican primary field where, theoretically, the anti-Ensign vote would be fractured, Heller still maintains a 39 percent to 23 percent lead over the incumbent. Danny Tarkanian, who ran unsuccessfully for Senate in 2010, received 17 percent while 2010 Senate nominee Sharron Angle won 14 percent. Businessman John Chachas took 3 percent.

The “Heller poll — and the fact that he released it publicly — seems to suggest that the 2nd district Congressman is moving toward a much-discussed challenge to the wounded Ensign next year.”


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