Senate Leaders React to President’s 2012 Budget

The Republican response “to President Obama’s budget proposal has been swift and straightforward: the budget does not go far enough in cutting the nation’s soaring deficits,” ABC News reports.

That was the argument laid out by the Senate’s top Republican Mitch McConnell as he took to the Senate floor to blast the White House proposal.

“The President’s budget is the clearest sign yet he simply does not take our fiscal problems seriously,” McConnell said. “It is a patronizing plan that says to the American people that their concerns are not his concerns. It’s a plan that says fulfilling the President’s vision of a future of trains and windmills is more important than a balanced checkbook.”

“The President’s budget comes in at close to a thousand pages. The people who voted for a new direction in November have a five-word response: We don’t have the money. We don’t have the money.”

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) issued this press release statement:

“The President’s budget offers a long-term plan to responsibly cut the deficit in half in his first term while investing in things that grow our economy, such as education, innovation and infrastructure.

“The President’s plan stands in stark contrast to Republicans’ record. One doesn’t need to look any further than the President’s predecessor to see that Democrats have a history of fiscal responsibility, as opposed to the Republican record of ballooning debts and skyrocketing deficits. The last Republican President actually turned a record surplus into a record deficit while doubling our debt. Now, Congressional Republicans are offering a short-sighted, short-term plan to slash the programs that keep us safe and make us competitive while spending billions to provide special breaks to oil and gas companies, the insurance industry, and billionaires.

“Cutting our deficit by more than a trillion dollars in the next decade means not only cutting waste and excess, but also making tough choices about our priorities. President Obama’s budget is a serious attempt to make those tough choices. I look forward to working with him, our caucus and any Republicans who will stop listening to the extremists in their party and come to the table with responsible proposals to bring down our deficit while keeping our economy moving in the right direction.”


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