Napolitano Gauges Interest in Arizona Senate Run

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano (D), the “former Arizona governor and state attorney general, has made calls over the past few weeks to gauge support for a Senate bid,” Roll Call reports.

She could “emerge as the early frontrunner” for Democrats.



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3 responses to “Napolitano Gauges Interest in Arizona Senate Run

  1. Karen

    Republicans in a landslide.

  2. Scott

    The has to be a joke….Because Napolitano is! She must work for the government, you know how I can tell…She’s delusional….ROFLMAO!

  3. Peter

    While it’s true that Arizona has become the petri dish for all that is repugnant in the American political process, that doesn’t make it wise to cede the entire state to name-callers and know-nothings. There were public servants there who actually believed in serving the public before Barry Goldwater, and there have actually been many since.

    The present momentum of corporatist-funded schoolyard bullying and banana-republicanism will last a while, but it has already become tiresome, and will eventually go the way of Joe McCarthy and the John Birch society.

    In the meantime, the voters of all states, including Arizona, deserve a choice between public service and private wealth.

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