Hatch Discusses Budget in Weekly Republican Address

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) gave this week’s Republican address today. His main focus was on the forthcoming budget from President Obama.

“Will he listen to the people, reduce the size of government, and get our spiraling spending and debt under control, or will he become the guardian of an unsustainable status quo?

“Next week we will find out what choice President Obama makes, when he releases his budget.

“Unfortunately, early indications are that he and his Capitol Hill allies are not taking the nation’s spending-fueled debt crisis — the most critical challenge facing our nation today— with the seriousness it deserves.”

On the spending freeze:

“The President’s proposal for a freeze in government spending might give the White House a nice talking point. But it is a totally inadequate solution to our nation’s spending problems. 

“Over the past two years, the Administration increased discretionary spending by 24 percent. If you count the so-called stimulus package, spending is up nearly 84 percent.

“These levels cannot continue. Business as usual is unsustainable, and job creators know that higher debt today means higher taxes tomorrow.”

On new investments:

“Not only does the President want to set these spending levels in stone, he’s now talking about new so-called investments —saying it 10 times in a speech on Thursday— which is just code for billions in new Washington spending. 

“This week, the Vice President, advocating for massive new federal expenditures, told Americans to get a grip and get on board with this new spending spree.

“With due respect to the Vice President, the American people’s grip on this situation is just fine. They know we cannot afford these so-called investments that are financed with taxpayer dollars.” 

Full video remarks:


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