Maine Senate: Dodge to Challenge Snowe

Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) “has a new Tea Party challenger: Andrew Ian Dodge,” Talking Points Memo reports.

The state coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots in Maine, Dodge told TPM he will announce his entrance into the race Friday at a press conference at CPAC. He’ll be the second to jump into the GOP primary against Snowe after businessman Scott D’amboise declared his run last year.

You may not recognize Dodge’s name, but if you’ve read news coverage of the Tea Party over the last year you’ve almost certainly seen him quoted. Dodge’s friendly relationship with reporters and off-beat analysis has made him one of the most frequently cited activists in the movement by mainstream reporters.

"I have the basics in place right now," he said of his nascent campaign in an interview with TPM. "I’m working on it. More will be made obvious once I announce."

An interesting note:

Lacking electoral experience, Dodge is a long shot by any standard, and doesn’t exactly conform to the usual image of a Senate candidate: He’s typically clad in black. He sports a goatee and long greying hair reminiscent of a heavy metal roadie. He works as a freelance columnist penning political analysis and hard rock music reviews and has written a trilogy of "cyber-punky, kind of William Gibson-esque" novels which he has published himself. Given the intense antipathy of the Tea Party for Snowe over her votes for TARP and the stimulus, however, any challenger tapped into the grassroots has potential to catch fire.


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