McConnell Vows to Keep Fighting Health Law

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Thursday “reiterated his pledge to continue to fight the health care law, saying during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference that the GOP would not stop until it is repealed,” Roll Call reports.

The Kentucky Republican’s speech focused entirely on the opposition to the bill and the Republican effort to repeal it in the House and the Senate — a popular topic at the yearly gathering of conservatives.

McConnell warned attendees that the battle could be long, but if they stuck to their principles, they would prevail.

“Keep fighting,” he said. “And as we move into the next phase of the battle, my message hasn’t changed any more than our principles.”


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One response to “McConnell Vows to Keep Fighting Health Law

  1. Senate jr.

    McConnell , how much are the big companies paying you t0 continue to fight a losing battle against the poor and middle class? You are for the rich and very rich and nothing less.

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