Rand Paul Ready to Reform Social Security

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said Tuesday “he’s readying a proposal to reform Social Security that he’ll unveil in the coming weeks,” The Hill reports.

Paul, the author of an aggressive bill to slash $500 billion from discretionary spending, will take a similar approach to his Social Security plan, details of which are coming "within a few weeks."

"In one fell swoop, we’re going to fix Social Security for 75 years," Paul said Tuesday on MSNBC.

The Tea Party Republican hinted that a centerpiece of his proposal would be raising the retirement age, though he did not get specific. During his 2010 campaign for Senate, Paul said he would oppose "any cuts in benefits for seniors and those nearing retirement."


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One response to “Rand Paul Ready to Reform Social Security

  1. Senate jr.

    Those people that voted for Rand P aul are getting what they deserve. But if you think Egypt had an uprising let Paul attempt to take away from the seniors and see if everyone isn’t marching in every state against the take aways.

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