Webb Reintroduces the National Criminal Justice Commission Act

Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) has reintroduced the National Criminal Justice Commission Act today, according to a press release from his office.

His bill would “create a blue-ribbon, bipartisan commission of experts charged with undertaking an 18-month top-to-bottom review of the nation’s criminal justice system and offering concrete recommendations for reform.”

The Commission would study all areas of the criminal justice system including federal, state, local and tribal governments’ criminal justice costs, practices, and policies. After conducting the review, the Commission would make recommendations for changes in, or continuation of oversight, policies, practices, and laws designed to prevent, deter, and reduce crime and violence, improve cost-effectiveness, and ensure the interests of justice. 

Bill text is linked here.



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2 responses to “Webb Reintroduces the National Criminal Justice Commission Act

  1. R. Mowery

    It’s about time and long overdue! Thank you Senator Webb. The laws in this country are unfair and very detrimental to those who do not have money….yes, money! It’s all about the money in this country. There’s money in the justice system for locking people up. There is no justice when a person who kills someone gets a lesser sentence than someone who sells drugs or someone who is sent to prison for 5 years for driving on a reovked or suspended drivers license! What idiots passed these laws? What happened to common-sense? Non-violent crimes should not require prison time. And people with a mental illness should never be sent to prison. And the attorneys in this country……I could write a book…..I’ve yet to meet one that’s trustworthy, honesty and has any intregrity! It’s all about the money and they still throw their clients under the bus most of the time! There needs to be a watchdog committee to check them out too! Birds of a feather flock together and the bar associations in this country are a joke! Try to file a complaint against one of them for not doing their job and see how far the paperwork goes….nowhere! It’s definitely time for change in this country and to abolish many of the old laws. I’m definitely following this one and telling everyone I know! Good luck and all the best to you Senator Webb!

  2. M. Abundis

    I definitely agree with a commintee that will be able to regulate what makes sense and what does not in or justice system. Although like anything else in this country, I’m worried about the integrity that this commitee with have, it sounds like a great idea, its the people incharge that worries me (not implying sen. webb). There are known problems with goverment employees/ members with criminal, political ties or both that will ultimatley effect the purpose and effectivness of this commission. None the less our country needs something in place that will take notice of the failures that we continue to make and turn a blind eye to. I’m looking forward to where this will end up, if for any reason this great iea shall not pass, I am confident that something will be put in place with a similar agenda and will focus primarly on the common sense this system lacks. Money is always an issue I just hope that it does not over shadow whats important. Much thanks to Sen. Webb for taking the initiative to begin correcting the failures in this particular issue.

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