Nevada Senate: Ensign Still Planning Another Run

Senator John Ensign (R-NV) “says he’s still running for reelection in 2012 and will step up his fundraising in a bid for a third term, despite Tuesday’s surprise announcement that the Senate Ethics Committee will appoint a special counsel to investigate the Nevada Republican’s extramarital affair with a former campaign aide,” POLITICO reports.

Ensign told Capitol Hill reporters that he met with the “steering committee” of his campaign fundraising team today, and he is scheduled to hold a fundraiser in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday. Ensign reported $280,000 in his campaign account as of Sept. 30, the latest report currently available.

“Full speed ahead,” Ensign said when asked of his plans for next year’s race.

There is “clear concern within Republican circles that his candidacy could jeopardize GOP chances of holding that Nevada seat when the Senate majority could clearly be in reach for Republicans in 2012.”

There are also “doubts among some of his Senate Republican colleagues that Ensign will actually pull the trigger and run for reelection, despite his public bravado.”


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