Bill Nelson Seeks Quick Supreme Court Decision on Health Law

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) will offer legislation “to seek a quick U.S. Supreme Court decision on the divisive dispute over the new health-care law,” according to a press release from his office.

Nelson’s legislation asks the Senate to approve a resolution calling on the High Court to act quickly, because the lower courts have split over whether the law is constitutional.


Nelson, a member of the Senate Finance Committee that helped craft the law, said he personally favors fixing it, not throwing it away.  He doesn’t want insurance companies to be able to drop someone simply because they get sick; and, he doesn’t want to take away the extra prescription-drug coverage seniors are now getting.

Regardless, the law will have to meet court tests.  So, Nelson’s resolution asks the Supreme Court to act immediately and make a quick decision on the lawsuits challenging the new health-care law.  Then, Nelson said, Congress could move forward in one direction or another. 

Resolution text here.

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