Senate Democrats Reject Proposal to Cut Israel Aid

Six Senate Democrats “are rejecting a deficit-driven proposal by freshman Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky to cut U.S. aid to Israel,” the AP reports.

In a letter Tuesday to the top House Republicans on the Appropriations and Budget committees, the Democrats said aid to Israel, the only Democratic nation in the Middle East, is imperative. They backed the $3 billion in foreign military assistance that the U.S. provides annually to Israel.

Paul said last week that the nation faces a fiscal crisis and argued that the U.S. can’t give money away, even to allies, as the debt grows.

Signing the letter were Sens. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, Bill Nelson of Florida, Ben Cardin of Maryland, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Robert Casey of Pennsylvania and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.


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One response to “Senate Democrats Reject Proposal to Cut Israel Aid

  1. Ed White

    As we approach 15trillion in debt, our options and choices will soon cause the sky to fall in. Washington as of today funds billions of dollars in foreign aid known asUS agency for International Development(USAID) created by executive order. In this package of black budget is the D.U.M.B. deep underground bunkers in every state in America, these are for the elite and not for the taxpayers that paid for them. The Tanks, Trucks and Jets that you see in Egypt are paid for by the US taxpayer and the Billions of dollars that their King has sent to the Swiss Banks is money that belongs to the American taxpayer. He is one of the riches men in the World and a dictator. Which cuts should Washington make first, cut the raises and cost of living to all Seniors or should Washington cut Foreign Aid to Dictators? Ed White, Ex-Special Forces, Retired

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