Campaign Committees Report Final 2010 Numbers

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee “will spend much of this year digging out from under a mountain of debt, according to new filings made with the Federal Election Commission on Monday,” Hotline On Call reports.

Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wa.), who took over the DSCC earlier this year, will have to contend with $8.88 million in debt the committee incurred in the 2010 cycle. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), taking his second turn at the head of the NRSC, will have to raise his way out of $6.5 million in debt.

The DSCC raised almost $2.5 million between November 23 and the end of the year, according to their report. They had $754,000 in the bank as of Jan. 1, the reports show.

The NRSC, meanwhile, had just $118,000 in the bank at the close of the year. Republicans pulled in $2.3 million in the final weeks of the year, according to reports obtained by the DSCC.


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