Missouri Senate: Ed Martin Will Run

Missouri Republican Ed Martin “announced Monday that he will run for the Senate, joining what looks like it will be a crowded Republican primary to take on Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) next year,” Hotline On Call reports.

"Today I’m announcing that I’m running for the United States Senate in 2012," Martin said in a web video early Monday morning.

Martin’s entry into the race has been expected for a couple weeks and adds a new dynamic to the Republican primary. Before Martin, only former Missouri Treasurer Sarah Steelman (R) had jumped into the race.

Martin “founded a Tea Party group last year and capitalized on their support during his unsuccessful congressional bid against Rep. Russ Carnahan (D) last year.”



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2 responses to “Missouri Senate: Ed Martin Will Run

  1. Brian

    Ah, the intellectually dishonest Ed Martin… maybe his ethics will return before he begins his race in earnest.

  2. iggy

    I couldnt believe he ALMOST beat Carnahan in my area of STL. Got invited to a fund raiser party for him by one of my close neighbors. They asked me why I didn;t make it that night. I told them, Like that was ever goning to happen.
    Carnahan showed at a local Xmas party after the elections. The same ones invited to his Martin’s party, were right up there shaking Carnahan’s hand and talking to him!
    Politics – The Reality Soap Opera

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