DeMint Announces New Health Repeal Supporters

Senator Jim DeMint’s (R-SC) office announced today that forty-two Senate Republicans have co-sponsored his bill to repeal the health law.

Mike O’Brien of The Hill notes the four Republican members who have not yet sponsored the repeal effort: Alexander (TN), Cochran (MS), Collins (ME) and Grassley (IA).

It’s S. 192.

Update: DeMint’s office now says that ALL Republican Senators are co-sponsoring the repeal legislation.



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2 responses to “DeMint Announces New Health Repeal Supporters

  1. Pat

    And are each of the 42 republican senators filling out the forms to withdraw from their taxpayer supported health care benefits as well as all other benefits they enjoy as members of the United States Senate? They all should put their money where their collective mouths are. If they want the citizens of the United States of America to have sub-standard (if any) health care insurance — they should subject themselves to the same treatment. I doubt it very much that any one of them have the balls to stand up in the United States Senate and say they are withdrawing their benefits. How does one spell hypocrite — easy REPUBLICAN.

  2. Doug Warner

    Let me be the first to announce my lack of support for any GOP who doesn’t support the repeal and my full support for anyone running AGAINST those who don’t support the repeal.

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