McConnell Begins Process to Hold Health Repeal Vote

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has “kicked off the legislative process of bringing the health care repeal to the Senate floor for a vote,” ABC News reports.

McConnell has steadfastly said that the repeal, passed by the House earlier this month, will eventually come to a full Senate vote, despite the fact that his counterpart Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said otherwise.

Earlier today McConnell reiterated, “We’ll be voting on the health care repeal.”

McConnell utilized a procedural tool made available under Senate Rule 14.  To briefly summarize, it allows for the bill to be added to the Senate legislative calendar without going through the committee process.

This would allow for Republicans to file a cloture motion on the health repeal measure and call it up for a vote.

The Heritage Foundation has a good explanation of how the process would work here.


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