McConnell Rejects Proposed Spending Freeze

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) “pre-empted President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday by dismissing what is expected to be one of the key pillars of that speech: a call for a five-year non-defense discretionary spending freeze,” Talking Points Memo reports.

Instead, McConnell endorsed House Republicans’ plan to reduce that spending to 2008-levels — significantly below what he’d agreed to support in 2010.

"It strikes most of us that the effort by the House of Representatives to get us back to 2008 spending levels would be the direction to go if we really wanted to have an impact on our annual deficit problems," McConnell told reporters at his weekly press conference.

McConnell went on to say that the problem with the proposed freeze is that it keeps “in place an extraordinary increase in spending that’s occurred over the last two years.”


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