Schumer Outlines 2012 Strategy

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Vice Chair of the Democratic Conference and leader of the Democratic policy operation, speaks with POLITICO in a new video series today about the 2012 landscape for his party, among various other topics.

Democrats will defend 23 seats while Republicans must defend just 10.

So what’s the strategy if Democrats are to keep their majority?  Senator Schumer said the “number one thing to do is convince the average voter that Democrats are on their side.”

“The basic view of the hard right, and the center of the Republican party is drifting in that direction, is no government. Get rid of government in just about every way.”


“The average voter will choose no government over a government that they think is helping somebody else, and that was one of our problems in 2009-2010. Rightly or wrongly, they thought we were focused on somebody else when they had real problems…but they will choose a government that helps them over no government.”

He went to say that Democrats will win “over the no government mantra if we can convince people that we’re trying to help them.”


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