Hagan to Sit With Renee Ellmers at SOTU

Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) “and Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R-NC) today announced that they will sit together during the President’s State of the Union address on January 25,” according to a joint press release.

“I look forward to sitting with Congresswoman Ellmers at the State of the Union,” said Hagan, who this week signed a letter pushing for bipartisan seating. “Sitting together at the State of the Union is an important symbol of bipartisanship among the North Carolina delegation. We are committed to working across the aisle for North Carolinians. It’s time for Democrats and Republicans to put aside partisan differences and work together to make progress on the pressing issues facing our country.”

“I gladly accepted Senator Hagan’s kind invitation to sit with her during the State of the Union speech next week,” Ellmers said. “There have already been many “firsts” in the 112th Congress beginning with the reading of the Constitution from the House floor.  As a citizen legislator I hope this continues and we can come together to agree on solutions to get the people of our state and country back to work.”


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