DeMint Guarantees Health Repeal Vote, Discusses 2012

Speaking on Sean Hannity’s radio show earlier today, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) promised that there would be a vote to repeal the health reform law, saying “I can guarantee you it will get a vote in the Senate.”

Although he said he could see “two or three” Senate Democrats as potential votes in favor of repeal, Senator DeMint sounded doubtful that they’d end up actually voting that way.

DeMint said the goal was not to pass a repeal of the health law but instead to make sure that every member was on record for voters to be able to see where they stood on the issue.

He was asked about a possible run for the White House in 2012 and offered these two responses:

  • “No, I don’t plan to run.”
  • “At this point I have no plans to get in that race.”

What about endorsing a candidate?  He told Hannity that he was planning to wait until he sees how the potential candidates respond to what Republicans do in Congress.



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3 responses to “DeMint Guarantees Health Repeal Vote, Discusses 2012

  1. Pat

    This coming from the King of the Party of NO or HELL NO for the past two years??? It’s time the Democrats turned around and say to DeMint and the rest of the republicans in the United States Senate NO or HELL NO on their attempt to repeal Health Care Reform. DeMint and the republicans are working hard for their corporate sponsors and thumbing their collective noses at hard-working Americans. DeMint and the republicans know they have to dance to the toon the health insurance companies, Wall Street and the Koch Brothers play. They gave up their soul and now owe the company store.

  2. Marie

    There are alot of blind people out there.Go to the white house web sight and read the truth about the health care.Do you people want to have to kill you elderly parents or unhealthy children and abortion.That is what this obama care has.There needs to be a different route taking.Not hiding behind doors and going against the peoples will.Anyone who do not like the Constitution and what it stands for you can move to another country and let the rest of us keep our God,Guns,Constitution and Bill of rights.We will not let Washinton D.C. take our freedoms and rights away.We will not let Obama go behind closed doors and make back room deals that put us further into debt on something we do not want.That is what obama and the democrats are trying to do.This is the reason we raised up the TEA party. We will fight for our rights and freedoms.We have sat back long enough and let Senators,Congress and White house do what they want without any say.We are fed up with them screwing the people over when we are the boss not them.

    • Pat

      Marie — all I can say about your comment is WOW. Not sure what country you actually live in, but I live in the United States of America. The country you describe doesn’t resemble the United States of America I live in. You certainly have a rather interesting point of view of the United States of America.

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