Sanders to Publish Filibuster Speech

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) “will be publishing his now-famous filibuster against the tax cut deal made between the White House and congressional Republicans last month,” according to a press release from his publisher.

THE SPEECH: A Historic Filibuster on Corporate Greed and the Decline of Our Middle Class (Nation Books) is set for publication in mid-February 2011, with an e-book edition available by January 28.



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3 responses to “Sanders to Publish Filibuster Speech

  1. Pat

    Wonderful — I’ll be sure an purchase one when available. Thank you Senator Sanders.

  2. kraig richard

    A Vermonter here, I wished with all my heart this was a real filibuster. It wasn’t. It was an eight hour speech. He accomplished nothing. Perhaps slightly different timing , and honest efforts to draw just a few like minded senators into helping him, and this might have continued on into something that would have done great service for our country.

    This is a test of the National Filibuster System. Had this been a real Filibuster, our taxes may have risen a little but our nation would start paying off this war and be better headed out of debt. We now return you to your regular scheduled DC programming. This has been a test. Also IMHO….Bernie could do twelve hours easy standing on his head. I cant believe there were not a couple others out of that 100 with cajones to join him.

  3. Pat

    At least Senator Sanders stood up and spoke — unlike the republican senators who use the “secret hold” or just say no without standing up with the courage of their convictions to tell everyone why they are for/or against something.

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