Connecticut Senate: Multiple Outlets Expect Lieberman Retirement

Senator Joe Lieberman (ID-CT) will announce tomorrow whether he intends to seek another term in 2012 or retire.

Two Connecticut Democratic insiders “confirm to The Huffington Post that Lieberman will formally announce his retirement, bringing an end to four terms in the Senate.”

A “knowledgeable source” tells POLITICO that Lieberman is “unlikely to seek reelection.”

Here’s how the Hartford Courant reports the situation:

"You can bet the farm" that Lieberman won’t seek a fifth term in 2012, said a Democratic insider who is close to the 22-year Senate veteran.  But neither Lieberman nor his Senate office would confirm that.


A couple of active Democrats said they think the timing of the event, and the tone of the behind-the-scenes conversations, indicate that Lieberman wants to announce that he’s not running while there’s still speculation that he could still win if he chose to run. In other words, they said, he can pull out of the 2012 race now — before being battered by continual announcements of polls that show him sinking ever farther in his prospects.

Finally, the New York Times has released a breaking news alert saying that Lieberman will not run again.


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